Variable remuneration

The remuneration of the Chairman and Members of the Board of Directors is paid in accordance with the resolution of the Annual General Meeting. The chairperson of the Audit Committee will receive remuneration of SEK 60,000. No other special fees are paid for work on committees. 

The Board proposes that the 2024 Annual General Meeting adopts the following guidelines for remuneration of senior executives within the OEM Group. The guidelines cover remuneration of the Managing Director, Group management and other managers who report directly to the Managing Director. 

OEM's vision is that the company shall be a leading technology trading group in industrial components and systems in selected markets in Northern, Central and East Central Europe. To realise this vision, the company has defined five strategic areas; growth, product range, marketing activities, logistics, and employees and leaders. These are important to the company's future development and success and to the achievement of its financial targets. It is important that OEM has senior executives with a focus on business acumen, a strong commitment to the company, and a sustainable leadership that promotes the long-term interests of the company. The level of remuneration of senior executives shall enable the company to retain qualified leaders within the organisation in the long term and also ensure it is able to recruit qualified leaders both externally and internally. 

Market-competitive salaries and other remuneration terms shall apply for senior executives. Share-based compensation, so-called incentive schemes are to be decided by the Annual General Meeting.
Variable remuneration may be provided, capped at the equivalent of eight monthly salaries. The variable remuneration shall be linked to the company’s financial targets and based on performance during a calendar year. 

Senior executives shall have premium-based pension schemes, capped at 30% of fixed pay. The maximum period of notice given by the company shall be 24 months and shall also include the obligation to work during the period of notice. Employment agreements shall not contain provisions for severance pay. 

The Board of Directors may waive these guidelines in individual instances should there be special reasons for doing so. Any deviation from the guidelines by the Board of Directors shall be reported in the remuneration report for the next Annual General Meeting.