Latest acquisitions

Zoedale Ltd

In January 2020, Zoedale Ltd were acquired, which has annual sales of GBP 3 million. The division represents among others ASCO, Valpes, Omal, Bernard Controls and Peter Paul who manufacture valves and actuators for various process and industrial applications.

This broadens the product range and strengthens the offer to customers on the UK market. We see positive synergy effects with the existing UK operation so this was seen as a natural development comments Jörgen Zahlin, President and CEO of OEM International./p>

The pumping division of Finisterra AS

Finisterra In December 2019, the pumping division of Finisterra AS in Norway was acquired. The company generates annual sales of SEK 12 MILLION. The operations represent a number of leading manufacturers of pumps for chemical and industrial use.

Reason for the acquisition: The acquisition of the pumping division of Finisterra AS means that OEM broadens its product portfolio and strengthens its customer offering in the Norwegian market.
Type of acquisition: It operations have been integrated into OEM Automatic AS.

Cabavo AB

In September 2019, the operations of Cabavo AB were acquired. The company markets electric motors, servo actuators and drive electronics for industrial applications and generates annual sales of SEK 8 MILLION.

Reason for the acquisition: Cabavo's range complements OEM's product portfolio, strengthens the customer offering and broadens the customer base.
Type of acquisition: Its operations have been integrated into OEM Motor AB.

Acquisitions between 2005-2020

2020 Zoedale Ltd England
2019  The pumping division of Finisterra AS Norway
2019   Cabavo AB Sweden
2018   ATB Drivtech AB Sweden
2017  Rauheat OY Finland
2017 Candelux Sp.z o.o. Poland
2016  Sitek-Palvelu OY Finland
2016  RF Partner AB and
Ranatec Instrument AB
2015  AB Ernst Hj Rydahl Bromsbandfabrik  Sweden
2015  Scannotec OY Finland
2015  ATC Tape Converting AB Sweden
2014  Kübler Svenska AB Sweden
2014  Scanding A/S  Denmark
2014   ASE/Conta-Clip Polen
2014  Mytrade OY Finland
2014 Nexa Trading AB Sweden
2012  Datasensor UK Ltd United Kingdom
2012  TemFlow Control AB Sweden
2012  Vanlid Transmission AB Sweden
2012  Akkupojat OY Finland
2011  Flexitron AB Sweden
2011  Svenska Batteripoolen AB Sweden
2011  Scapo AB Sweden
2011 Svenska Helag AB Sweden
2011 Echobeach Ltd United Kingdom
2010 All Motion Technology AB Sweden
2009 Lasa Maskin AS Norway
2008 Elektro Elco AB Sweden
2008 OK Kaapeleit OY Finland
2007 Klitsø Processtechnic A/S
2007 MPX Elektra ApS Denmark
2007 Crouzet AB Sweden
2006 EIG spol s r.o. Czech Republic
2005 Telfa AB Sweden