Product areas and companies

OEM offers a comprehensive product range from market-leading suppliers in six main product areas. Its product offering is combined with extensive knowledge of products and applications, which creates an attractive portfolio that gives customers access to high-quality products and the best possible support when choosing products for each particular application. 

Standard products and systems 

OEM's offering comprises standard products and systems and bespoke solutions, developed in collaboration between the customer, supplier and OEM. The suppliers are mainly from Europe, 
the USA and Asia.

Product range development

Extension and improvement of the range is an ongoing process which generally takes place in three ways:
Development of the product range takes places collaboratively with existing suppliers by expanding the collaboration to much of their range and by working together on product development. 
OEM also enters into new relationships with suppliers of products that complement an existing range. 
Acquisitions can give access to an entirelynew range or products that complement an existing range.

Market alignment 

OEM's offering differs across the various geographic markets. This is a natural consequence of OEM having been established in different markets for varying lengths of time and the fact that each market has its own demands, requirements and characteristics. Furthermore, each local operation has to align its offering with local demand and the suppliers that are available as partners in each market.