Continuous employee development

OEM's long-term competitiveness is built on employee development and an influx of young talent. The expertise and commitment of employees are what make the difference in an increasingly competitive market. A healthy company culture, equality in organisations and good health and safety practices are prioritised areas that make an employer attractive to both existing and future employees.

Professional development of sales staff and product specialists is crucial to the ability to offer the best service in the market. Strong teams and continuous skills development enable oem to meet the increasing demands of the market for in-depth product and application expertise. While also creating good opportunities for employees to enjoy career progression within OEM.

Corporate culture enhances the competive edge

OEM's corporate culture is based on the watchwords – positive attitude, commitment, modesty, tenacity and openness. The strong corporate culture makes OEM an attractive employer and is essential to enhancing OEM's competitive advantage through its employees.

Best service in the market

With a business model based on trust and long-standing relationships with customers and suppliers, it is important to exceed expectations all the time. The sales professionals therefore work closely alongside the customers with the goal of providing the best service in the market. A highly effective sales process and good business acumen also increase opportunities for identifying and seizing upon potential new business. The sales professionals have multi-year development plans that are an important resource for improving the sales process.

Focus on skills development

The main responsibility for employee skills development rests with the companies themselves. Complementing this are central initiatives, such as Group-wide development programmes aimed at improving skills and building networks among the employees.

Strong teams with clear targets, for both the team and each individual, are a success factor and an integral part of OEM's management culture. To meet the organisation's requirements for development, it is important that all managers work actively to identify and provide training for individuals with leadership qualities who can become future leaders. Since the majority of management recruitment is from within OEM, this is given high priority.

Showing interest, being creative and goal-oriented are all traits that are encouraged by OEM. These qualities are important to an employee's career success and help drive OEM's growth. Experience from the sales and product organisations is highly valued and mobility between different operations and countries is encouraged.

Individual development plans

OEM is continuously committed to improving its position as an attractive employer for both existing and future employees. Personal development is important to employee satisfaction and happiness. Annual performance appraisals and individual development plans play an important role in the ongoing skills development taking place in all areas. Development plans are tailored to the individual based on a review of the past year's activities, the goals of the employee and the objectives and needs of the business. It is important to have efficient and effective processes for working with employee development to assist in the identification of candidates for management and leadership positions.

Strengthening the organisation with young employees

An important part of building a strong, competitive organisation is to continuously hire young employees. An interest in technology and sales is a plus when hiring and are assets that bring dynamism and drive to the organisation. Well-designed induction programmes and individual development plans enable new employees at OEM to get up to speed quickly with their job tasks. In the long run, this also supports the employee's own career progression with opportunities to gradually advance into more responsible positions. OEM has a trainee programme for newly-graduated employees with degrees in engineering or economics and the potential to assume leadership responsibilities in the future. OEM also works collaboratively with several educational institutions, offering internship opportunities, guidance in thesis research projects and other assistance. This is a means of attracting future personnel and reaching out with information about OEM's business and operations.

Equal organisations

One of OEM's overall sustainable development goals is to increase the percentage of women with the aim of increasing the number of women in senior positions. Organisations where every individual has equal opportunities are more dynamic and have a stronger competitive advantage. Management positions are often filled from within the organisation and many of the senior executive positions are held today by individuals who have worked in the sales and product organisations. It is therefore particularly important to increase the number of women within these areas in order to achieve this goal. OEM operates in a male-dominated sector where there is an over-representation of men among job applicants. The focus is therefore on increasing the number of female applicants, especially within services that work closely with customers and suppliers. A series of activities are in place to maximise the chances of succeeding with this, including posing requirements on those conducting the recruitment process and giving female candidates the opportunity to meet female employees during the recruitment processes.

Employee well-being

Happiness and health are essential for enabling employees to perform and develop throughout their career, both individually and as part of a team. Workplaces must provide an attractive, safe and healthy environment and regular investments are made to ensure this is so for those who work there. Activities designed to create good cohesion, strong teams and group dynamics are often conducted in conjunction with conferences, workplace meetings and other gatherings. OEM offers employees support for physical activities to encourage a healthy lifestyle.

Employee numbers increased

Growth and new ventures resulted in an increase from 898 to 998 employees in 2022. OEM is continuously strengthening its organisation through recruitment, in particular within the sales and marketing area.