CSR activities

The Group's companies perform at least three csr-related activities each year. In 2019, one of these activities focused on anti-corruption. The activities are followed up by the Boards and management teams. 
The Group is committed to a culture of openness and high ethical standards. Employees play a key role in identifying any non-conformances and are able to report suspected wrongdoing via OEM's whistleblowing system. 

Priority to environmentally-friendly solutions 

The environment is part of OEM's Code of Conduct and priority is given to activities that lead to greater environmental responsibility. Transport, travel, use of packaging materials and heating of premises have the greatest environmental impacts in OEM's operations. There has been a strong focus on these areas for many years and OEM strives to find good environmental solutions and supports development initiatives in these areas.
Another key aspect of environmental responsibility is to offer customers high-quality, climate-friendly components. OEM's high level of product expertise enables it to help customers make environmentally-sound choices.

Quality is critical for sustaining competitive advantage

Ensuring quality at every stage of the business process is critical to OEM's competitive advantage. The companies have therefore long been working systematically to improve quality and efficiency. The Group's own activity management system called "oqd" – OEM Quality Development, is based on Toyota's principles. The management system includes close monitoring of non-conformances, visualisation of results compared with objectives and improvement initiatives from the employees. oqd is considered to be one of the leading systems in the industry and has attracted considerable attention. OEM Automatic in Sweden has developed the system which is also used to varying extents in the rest of the Group. 

ISO certified companies

In Sweden, OEM Automatic, OEM Electronics, Svenska Batteripoolen, Internordic Bearings, Telfa, Ernst Hj Rydahl Bromsbandfabrik, Svenska Helag, Agolux, atc Tape Converting and OEM Motor have been awarded iso 14001 environmental management system certification and iso 9001 quality management system certification. In Poland, OEM Automatic has been awarded iso 9001 quality management system certification.
CSR activities