Whistle-blower service

Our company strives for an open business climate and high business ethics. Our employees have a key role to play in capturing any deviations from our values and business ethics guidelines, which need to be corrected.

Our whistle-blower service offers an opportunity to report suspicions of irregularities. The whistle-blower service is important for reducing risks and promoting high business ethics and thereby maintaining customers' and the public's trust in our business. Whistle-blower reports can be submitted openly or anonymously.

If the whistle-blower prefers to be anonymous, we offer an anonymous reporting channel, managed by Qnister, an external provider that ensures anonymity. The service offers the opportunity for dialogue between the person responsible for the whistle-blower service and an anonymous whistle-blower.

Follow the link below to get to our external whistle-blower function. There is more information in several languages: https://whistle.qnister.com/oem