Senior Executives

Jörgen Zahlin

Born in 1964.
Managing Director of OEM International AB since:
1 March 2000.
Managing Director and CEO since:
1 January 2002.
Group employee since: 1985.
Other appointments: Chairman of the Board of BE-Group AB.
Number of shares: 39,832 OEM Class B

Johan Broman OEM International AB
Johan Broman

Born in 1976.
Finance Director.
Group employee since: 2006.
Number of shares: 1,350 OEM Class B

Björn Pettersson OEM International AB
Björn Pettersson

Born in 1969.
Head of Marketing/ Business Development.
Group employee since: 2017.
Number of shares: 0

Andreas Andersson

Born in 1977.
Business Director.
Group employee since: 1997.
Senior executive since: 2021-01-01.
Number of shares: 1 151 OEM-B.

Jens Kjellsson OEM International AB
Jens Kjellsson

Born in 1968.
Managing Director of OEM Automatic AB.
Group employee since: 1990.
Number of shares: 11000 OEM Class B.

Urban Malm OEM International AB
Urban Malm

Born in 1962.
Managing Director of OEM Electronics AB.
Group employee since: 1983.
Number of shares: 2,800 OEM Class B.

Carl Reuthammar

Born in 1977.
Managing Director of Elektro Elco AB.
Group employee since: 2018.
Senior executive since: 2021-01-01.
Number of shares: 0

Fredrik Falkenström OEM International AB
Fredrik Falkenström

Born in 1969.
Managing Director of OEM Motor AB.
Group employee since: 1998.
Number of shares: 0

Marko Salovaara

Born in 1976.
Managin Director of OEM Finland Oy.
Group employee since: 2002.
Senior executive since: 2021-01-01.
Number of shares: 0