About OEM

OEM is a value-adding link between our customers and leading manufacturers of products and systems for industrial applications. As one of Europe's leading technology trading groups, OEM brings value to its customers by offering an extensive and diverse range of products coupled with considerable technical and applications expertise. With a strong 
marketing and sales organisation, OEM serves as the extended arm of the suppliers in each market and aims to make them a leading player in their niche. This makes OEM the best distribution channel for its suppliers in OEM's markets.


OEM has a portfolio of more than 60,000 products from over 400 suppliers who, with strong brands, are among the leading players in their respective niches. OEM's extensive product know-how, years of experience and outstanding applications expertise offer customers a strong partner all along the supply chain, from product development and design to purchasing and production.


OEM has 37 operating business units in 14 countries split into three geographic regions. The company's domestic market is Sweden, where OEM holds a market leading position in most of its product areas. In other regions, the company's position varies from market to market. The goal is for OEM to be one of the largest players in all its chosen markets.


The majority of OEM's customers operate in various segments of the manufacturing industry. Many of them are so-called Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), which means that they manufacture various kinds of machinery and equipment using constituent components from subcontractors. Other customers include installation companies, whole-
salers and retailers for the professional and consumer markets.

Fact (2021)

  • 3,8 Billion SEK in turnover
  • 37 Companies in 15 countries
  • 30 000 Customers
  • 400 Suppliers
  • 886 Employees
2022 Acquisition of Demesne Electrical Sales Limited Ireland
2020 Acquisition of Zoedale Ltd
2019 Acquisition of Cabavo AB and the pumping division of Finisterra AS.
2018 Acquisition of ATB Drivtech.
2017 Acquisition of  Rauheat.
2016 Acquisition of  Sitek-Palvelu.
2015 Acquisition of Rydahls, ATC Tape Converting and Scannotec.
2014 Acquisition of  Nexa and Scanding.
2012 Acquisition of Akkupojat. New logistics centre in Finland.
2011 Acquisition of Svenska Batteripoolen, Svenska Helag and Flexitron. Set up in Hungary.
2010 New logistics centre in Sweden.  Disposal of Cyncrona.
2009 Set up in China.
2008 Acquisition of Elektro Elco. Presence established in Slovakia.
2007 Acquisition of  Klitsö.
2006 Presence established in the Czech Republic.
2005 Acquisition of Telfa.
2002 Sales declined by 30 %.
2001 Telecom crisis.
2000 Jörgen Zahlin is appointed as Managing Director. Acquisition of  Ernström Hydraulik.
1998 Set up in Poland.
1997 OEM and Cyncrona merge. Acquisition of Internordic Bearings.
1991 OEM International is formed and becomes the Parent Company.
1989 Set up in the UK.
1986 First acquisition Industri AB Reflex.
1983 Listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Set up in Denmark.
1982 Set up in Norway.
1981 Set up in Finland.
1974 OEM Automatic is set up by the Franzén and Svenberg families.