Remuneration Committee

The Board has appointed a Remuneration Committee, which consists of the Chair, Petter Stillström, and the Board member Ulf Barkman. The Remuneration Committee prepares "the Board's proposals for policies for senior executives' remuneration" and the application of these. The proposal is discussed by the Board and is subsequently presented to the Annual General Meeting for adoption. Based on the resolution of the Annual General Meeting, the Board decides on the remuneration of the Managing Director. Based on the proposal of the Managing Director, the Remuneration Committee passes a resolution on the remuneration of other members of the Group management. The Board is informed of the decisions of the Remuneration Committee. Salaries and other terms of appointment for Group management shall be set at competitive levels. In addition to base salary, Group management may also receive variable remuneration, which is capped at 8 monthly salaries (8 monthly salaries). Senior executives in the OEM Group shall have market-competitive, premium-based pension schemes, capped at 30% of fixed remuneration. The pension scheme level is the same as for 2022. All share-related incentive schemes are to be decided by the Annual General Meeting. The maximum term of notice is 24 months and shall also include the obligation to work during the term of notice.

Audit Committee

During the year, the Board has had a special Audit Committee consisting of Chairman Ulf Barkman and Petter Stillström.

The Audit Committee shall, without it otherwise affecting the Board's responsibilities and duties, oversee the company's financial reporting and the efficiency of the company's internal control activities and risk management relating to the financial reporting, keep itself informed about the audit of the Annual Report and consolidated financial statements, examine and monitor the objectivity and independence of the auditor and specifically pre-approve any services that the auditor provides the company with other than audit-related services. The Audit Committee evaluates the audit work that has been carried out and informs the company's Nomination Committee of the results of the evaluation and assists the Nomination Committee in preparing proposals for auditors and remuneration of the auditors' work.