Wednesday, 27 October, 2010

Press Release 10/27/2010 Nomination Committee in advance of OEM International AB's Annual General Meeting 2011.

At the AGM, 26 April 2010, it was decided that the Nomination Committee should consist of a representative for each of the three smallest and at the most 4 of the largest shareholders in the company and the Chairman of the Board. If a shareholder does not exercise his or her right to appoint a member, then the shareholder with the next greatest number of votes has the right to appoint a member to the Nomination Committee. The names of the members, together with the names of the shareholders they represent, shall be published no later than six months before the AGM 2011 and shall be based on the known number of votes immediately before the announcement. The Nomination Committee's mandate shall run until a new Nomination Committee has been appointed. The Chairman of the Nomination Committee shall be the Chairman of the Board.


If significant changes occur in the ownership of the company, after the Nomination Committee has been appointed, the composition of the Nomination Committee shall also be changed in accordance with the principles above. A shareholder who has appointed a representative to be a member of the Nomination Committee shall be entitled to dismiss such a member and appoint a new representative as a member of the Nomination Committee, as well as to appoint a new representative if the appointed member chooses to leave the Nomination Committee. Changes in the composition of the Nomination Committee shall be made public as soon as they have taken place.


Pursuant to this, the following people have been appointed as members of the Nomination Committee: Lars-Åke Rydh, Chairman of the Nomination Committee, Jerker Löfgren, Orvaus AB, Hans Franzén, Agne Svenberg and Bengt Stillström, AB Traction.


The Nomination Committee is deviating from the Code’s rules with regards to (in so far as); that the majority are Board Members, that at the most one of the Board Members who is included is allowed to be independent of major shareholders and that [a] Board Member must not be the chairman of the Nomination Committee.

It is deemed reasonable that a company of this size has a Nomination Committee that represents the major shareholders and that some of these even act as Board Members. 


OEM International's AGM will be held Monday 3 May 2011, in Tranås.   


Shareholders who wish to submit proposals to the Nomination Committee can direct themselves to the Nomination Committee's Chairman, Lars-Åke Rydh, tel 0705-92 45 70 or via e-post [email protected]



Tranås, 27 October 2010



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