Monday, 11 June, 2007

New capital structure

As a part of the redemption procedure approved by the Annual General Meeting 24 April 2007, OEM International AB carried out a share split where each share was split into four shares, of which one redemption share. Upon completion of the redemption procedure, the redemption shares are redeemed at a redemption price of SEK 20 per share. OEM’s share capital is restored to the same level as prior to the redemption procedure.

The Swedish Companies Registration Office has today registered a reduction of OEM’s share capital of SEK 9,653,878.75 through redemption of 7,723,103 redemption shares, of which 1,589,032 redemption shares of series A and 6,134,071 redemption shares of series B. Further, an increase in the company's share capital of SEK 9,653,878.75 is registered following a bonus issue. The increase in the share capital is transferred from the non-restricted equity. No new shares are issued in connection with the bonus issue.

Following these transactions OEM has a total of 23,169,309 outstanding shares, of which 4,767,096 shares of series A and 18,402,213 shares of series B.

The redemption procedure means that SEK 154,462,060 will be distributed to OEM’s shareholders, equivalent to SEK 20 per share. Payment to the shareholders is expected to take place 15 June 2007.

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