Wednesday, 25 October, 2006

OEM reports stronger profit

Trading Group OEM International’s profit continues to climb. Profit after net financial items for Q3 rose 9% to SEK 33.5 million (30.7) compared with the same quarter last year. Turnover increased by 6% to SEK 369 million (349) while orders received climbed 8% to SEK 362 million (335). After nine months, the Group reports a 19% increase in profit to SEK 106.9 million (90.0). Turnover rose 4% to SEK 1,173 million (1,129) during the same period.

“Although we see a decrease in sales figures for the segment of our business

that is aimed at the electronics industry, the Group continues to report both

higher turnover and profit. Orders received rose by 10% between January and

September,” says OEM International’s CEO Jörgen Zahlin.

The Group had an average of 579 (537) employees during the first six months.

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