Monday, 2 November, 2009

Two Danish subsidiaries of OEM International merge

Today, November 2, OEM Automatic A/S and Klitsø Processtechnic A/S merge to form OEM Automatic Klitsø A/S. The new company is one of the largest suppliers of components for industrial automation and processing technique in Denmark. The merger is one step in creating a stronger platform for future market penetration and product range development as well as taking advantage of collaborative effects. The company will have a turnover of approximately 70 million DKK and 29 co-workers. OEM Automatic Klitsø A/S will be a representative of 80 leading suppliers and have over 2,200 customers. Headquarters will be situated in Allerød, outside Copenhagen. The merger is not expected to have any effects on the Group’s result of the incumbent year.

Download wkr0011.pdf