Key indicators for OEM shares

The past five years

* Calculated on total number of shares.
The key indicators are based on the continuing operation. Comparative information fo r 2011 to 2015 has been restated.


Net sales per share: Net sales divided by the num¬ber of shares on the market at year-end.

Net sales increase per share: Increase of the net sales per share.

Earnings per share: The profit or loss for the year divided by the number of shares.

Shareholders’ equity per share: Shareholders’ equity divided by the number of shares.

Dividend/Profit payout ratio: Proposed dividend in relation to the year’s profit from continuing operations.

Dividend/Shareholders’ equity: Proposed dividend in relation to the Group’s shareholders’ equity and the minority interests.

Cash flow per share: Cash flows from operating activities divided by the number of shares.

Rate of turnover for shares: The number of shares sold during the year divided by the number of out¬standing shares at year-end.

P/S ratio: Stock market value in relation to net sales.

P/E ratio: Quoted price as per 31 December divided by earnings per share.

Price/Shareholders’ equity: Quoted price divided by shareholders’ equity per share.

EV/Sales: Enterprise values (börsvärde + nettoskuld + minoritetsintresse) dividerat med nettoomsättning.

EBIT multiple: Enterprise value divided by the oper¬ating income after depreciation/amortisation.

Direct return: Dividend per share divided by the quoted price at year-end.

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