The Company

Vision, business concept, targets and strategies


OEM shall be a leading technology trading Group in industrial components and systems in selected markets in Northern, Central and Eastern Europe.

Business Concept

OEM offers an extensive and detailed range of industrial components and systems from leading suppliers. A well-structured local market organisation and efficient logistics make OEM a better alternative than the suppliers’ own sales organisations. OEM provides a high level of expertise and service and markets the products according to the specific conditions of each respective market.


OEM’s goal is to sustain stable growth and have a good return on equity with minimal financial risk.

Financial targets over one business cycle
• 15 % annual tur nover and earnings growth.
• 20 % return on equity.
• Equity/assets ratio must not fall below 35 %.

Business targets

OEM will be one of the largest technology trading companies in its chosen geographical markets. Profitability will be on par with, or better than, that of the largest players in each respective market.



1. Organic growth
Organic growth takes place through increased market share and expansion of the product range. In areas where OEM is firmly established, its operations are expected to grow by 5 % above the underlying market growth. In markets where OEM has yet to achieve a position among the five largest players, our ambition is to achieve considerably higher growth.

2. Geographic expansion
Geographic expansion will occur in markets where it is possible to become a prominent player by representing several of OEM’s suppliers. Geographic expansion will take place in Central Eastern Europe.
3. Acquisitions

Acquisitions include companies and product ranges that strengthen OEM’s market position within current product areas in existing markets, as well as companies that introduce a brandnew product area or new geographic market.

Product Range

OEM sells a product range consisting of industrial components and systems from leading suppliers. The range of products grows through partnerships with existing and new suppliers. Each product area is tailored to the local markets. Development of the range is central for OEM and it is the task of each local marketing organisation to find new products to improve further the competitive advantage of our portfolio of offerings.


Marketing is conducted primarily through face-to-face sales. Personal meetings are crucial to understanding customer applications and needs, and a practical way for OEM to offer its unique expertise. Face-to-face sales are supported by web-based and printed marketing communication materials.


OEM is in the process of developing a world-class logistics platform by investing in Group-wide logistics solutions.

Employees and Management

Employees shall be given the opportunity to develop within the company taking consideration to business goals and strategies as well as the employees’ ambitions. Recruitment and employee strategies will lead to a significant number of managers being recruited internally.

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