Business model

OEM creates value for customers and suppliers

OEM is one of Europe’s leading technology trading groups. The company’s success is based on the creation of value for both customers and suppliers. OEM brings value to its customers’ products and processes by offering technical expertise and an extensive range of products and systems. oem creates value for its suppliers by being the best alternative in their choice of distribution channels.

Value for the customers
OEM shall be an attractive partner that gives its customers access to top-quality products from leading suppliers, help with development projects and the means to streamline their purchasing processes. This allows OEM to create both technical and economic value for its customers. OEM’s employees have considerable knowledge of the products that the company markets and the various areas of application for these products. This means the customer has access to experience and technical expertise that can help them with their choice of constituent components and in their development projects. A large amount of the products are also bespoke for each customer. A key feature of OEM’s portfolio are the value-added services that OEM offers its customers, for instance, different components are pre-assembled on delivery according to the customers’ specifications. OEM works closely alongside its customers who are increasingly choosing OEM as a strategic supplier for the coordination of an increasingly large amount of their purchases.

Value for the suppliers
Strong sales organisations form the foundation of OEM’s business and are a strong reason why the company has been entrusted to represent the leading manufacturers in their markets. OEM’s goal is to always be the manufacturers’ best sales channel and make them the leading players in their niches. Collaboration with OEM gives the manufacturers in many cases access to customers whom they would not be able to reach as easily on their own. OEM serves as the extended arm of the manufacturers in their respective markets and takes complete responsibility for the customer relationship. OEM has a very close relationship with the manufacturers. These are long-standing, loyal relationships and the company avoids marketing rival products. OEM builds up a wealth of expertise and know-how on the manufacturers’ products and how they can be used in the customers’ operations. OEM can use its expertise to bring ideas and proposals to the suppliers of how products could be developed and adapted to meet different customer requirements.

Logistics as a competitive advantage
An important part of the value generated by OEM is created through OEM’s logistics operations. The company offers over 50,000 products from more than 300 suppliers to its 25,000 customers. In other words, logistics is complex and OEM has a continuous focus on making the flow of goods a streamlined and seamless process. OEM coordinates the work to larger logistics centres where appropriate, in order to increase efficiency and automate the flow of goods. This creates a high level of cost-efficiency, quality and service. Today, OEM is able to customise its logistics operations to a great extent to meet the requirements and needs of its customers, with regard to time, packaging size and other aspects, which obviously benefits its customers.

OEM´S business model
The business model is based on being a link between manufaturers and customers with the intent of creating value.

OEM business model

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