Senior Executives


Jörgen Zahlin

Born in 1964. Managing Director of OEM International AB since 1 March 2000. Managing Director and CEO since 1 January 2002. Group employee since 1985. Number of shares: 39,832 OEM Class B


Jan Cnattingius

Born in 1955. Finance Director. Group employee since 1985. Number of shares: 10,000 OEM Class B.


Jens Kjellsson

Born in 1968. Managing Director of OEM Automatic AB. Group employee since 1990. Number of shares: 11000 OEM Class B.


Urban Malm

Born in 1962. Managing Director of OEM Electronics AB. Group employee since 1983. Number of shares: 2 , 800 OEM Class B.


Fredrik Simonsson

Born in 1971. Managing Director of Elektro Elco AB. Group employee since 1993. Number of shares: 1,000 OEM Class B.


Patrick Nyström

Born in 1958. Head of Region Finland, Baltic states and China. Group employee since 1982. Number of shares: 22,500 OEM Class B.

Sven Rydell

Born in 1973. Marketing and Communications Director. Group employee since 2008 but ended his employment at the end of the year 2016. Number of shares: 0.


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