2018 Record sales and earnings. Acquisition of ATB Drivtech AB
2017 Record sales and earnings. Acquisition of Rauheat OY and Candelux Sp. zo.o
2016 Record sales and earnings. Acquisition of Sitek-Palvelo OY v RF Partner AB and Ranatec Instrument AB
2015 Record sales and earnings. Acquisition of Rydahls, ATC Tape Converting and Scannotec.
2014 Acquisition of Nexa, Mytrade, Scanding, Kübler and agent for Conta-Clip.
2012 Acquisition of Akkupojat OY, TemFlow Control AB, Vanlid Transmission AB and Datasensor UK Ltd.
2011 Acquisition of Svenska Batteripoolen, Echobeach, Scapro, Helag and Flexitron. Set up in Hungary.
2010 OEM inaugurates new logistics centre and new e-commerce platform, acquires All Motion and sells Cyncrona
2009 The recession causes demand to drop by 30%. Subsidiary established in China.
2008 Acquisition of Elektro Elco and OK Kaapelit.
2007 Acquisition of Crouzet, MPX Electra and Klitsö
2006 The Group establishes itself in the Czech Republic via the acquisition of EIG.
2005 Acquisition of Telfa.
2004 Celebrates 30th anniversary. Continued restructuring and streamlining makes income rise by 55%.
2003 The group stabilise on 30% lower turnover than 2001. Industri AB Reflex is sold.
2002 Telecom crisis. Turnover drops dramaticly. New organisation established.
2000 Jörgen Zahlin is appointed new MD.
1999 Estalishment in Italy by one of four acquisitions this year.
1998 A number of acquisitions are made.
1997 OEM International AB and Cyncrona AB merge. 
1996 New organisation. The companies are divided on tho sub groups, OEM Industrial Components AB and OEM Systemteknik AB.
1993 A.Karlson-grroup is acquired . OEM-groups turnover is 254 MSEK.
1991 New organisation. OEM International AB is parent company and OEM Component AB, a former part of OEM Automatic AB, is a separate company.
1989 The first subsidiary outside the Nordic countries is established in the UK.
1988 Turnover exceeds for the first time 100 MSEK.
1986 First acquisition; Industri AB Reflex
1983 The company is listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange
1981 The first overseas subsidiary is established in Finland
1974 OEM Automatic AB is founded by the Franzén and Svenberg families