TWO OF OEM’S major competitive advantages are its employees’ expertise and commitment. In an increasingly competitive market, where
in many cases the products are becoming more and more similar, it is often the dedication and efforts of the employees that make the difference.
The employees’ high level of expertise is based on a combination of outstanding technical knowledge and a strong sales focus.

OEM’S product specialists and sales staff are key people in relationships with manufacturers and customers.
Their knowledge and commitment build lasting and trusting relationships in line with oem’s business model.
It is becoming ever more important to develop added values and effective internal processes that are often adapted to the increasingly digitalised world.
The employees are the guarantee that oem will retain its position in both the long-term and short-term as one of Europe’s leading technology trading groups.

Personal development towards specific targets

OEM’S long-term competitiveness depends greatly on a combination of loyal employees who are continuously developing professionally and a pipeline of young talent.
OEM therefore works to continually improve its attractiveness as an employer for current and future employees.
OEM encourages all of its employees to continue developing their skills and abilities in many ways.
The use of individual development plans is one of the most important activities.
Business objectives are combined with individual goals to create plans that facilitate the ongoing development of the skills of all employees.
The contents of the personal development plans are discussed at annual performance appraisals.
Completed activities are evaluated and plans for the coming year are established.
Skills development is part of the employees’ personal development and their know-how and expertise are regularly updated through training in sales,
technology, finance, IT and other areas.

Highly-trained sales force

OEM has always sustained a focus on the development of its sales force.
The sales professionals must have extensive knowledge of the products, a strong sense of business responsibility and work closely alongside the customers.
They can then independently drive the sales process forward and live up to oem’s high expectations of the ability of the sales staff to identify new
business opportunities and deliver the best service in the market to the customer.
The sales personnel follow training programmes that run over several years to enable them to meet the requirements.
Newly-hired sales personnel attend internal and external courses aimed at promoting personal development and creating an efficient sales methodology.
A solid background in sales also opens doors to other positions at oem, such as sales manager or business area manager.

Career development encouraged

All of oem’s employees are encouraged to shape their own careers by being interested, creative and goal-oriented.
Most leaders are recruited internally and considerable energy and efforts are channelled into identifying

Strong corporate culture

OEM’S corporate culture is based on the watchwords: positive attitude, commitment, modesty, tenacity and openness.
OEM has a strong, long-term, coherent vision and has created an organisation that puts performance and well-being at its core.

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